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The New Era Group

We are delighted
to be working alongside
Barclays Wealth who have designed an Overseas Property Loan which can help clients of New Era Overseas Limited gain access to this important asset class. Please click Associates to find out more.

Clients & Testimonials

Nemanja Vidic

"After working with the New Era Wealth management to establish my London property portfolio I was happy to take advantage of their experience and advice to build on this with overseas investments via New Era Overseas Limited."

"It’s good to work with a team of people who understand the football profession and who work with me to achieve my future ambitions."

Anton Ferdinand

"With my brother building up a great property portfolio with New Era it is only natural that I have been picking up tips to build up my own investments and having seen how successful it has been I am confident that I have made the right choice!"

"It’s good to know that I can concentrate on my football career whilst knowing that New Era is helping to look after my future."

Shaun Wright Phillips

"I did some investments with New Era Wealth management after a team mate told me about the investments he had made. On the strength of that I am now entering the overseas property market with New Era Overseas. They are great guys to work with and I am looking forward to exciting times ahead."

"Thanks to everyone on the team!"

Joe Cole

"N E O are my overseas property advisors and thanks to them I have secured some of the best deals in the emerging property markets. I am looking forward to seeing the new and exciting projects that are coming soon"

Rio Ferdinand

"When I visited Morocco I came away with a real fondness for the people and culture. This resort initially attracted me because of its location, the Med is really accessible, but often over populated. When I travel I want to be somewhere I can relax with like minded people and enjoy the luxuries of home."

Gary Neville

"The opportunity to be part of, not only a new development, but also a whole new tourist industry in a beautiful country, was too good an opportunity to miss, both for personal use and investment."

John Terry

"Luxury villas, surrounded by friends, and within walking distance of a championship golf course, with the added promise of a strong return on our investment - I couldn't think of a good reason why not to."