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Genuine Massively Discounted Properties on Spain's Golden Mile

August 2010

Whilst banks continue to restrict mortgages, for those individuals able to find financing there has never been a better time to purchase an upmarket property along the Puerto Banus/Marbella coastline at a true value for money price.

For those fortunate enough to be in a position to move quickly there are some unprecedented bargains to be had as vendors adversely affected by the recession are forced to sell off their assets at, in many cases, below initial purchase price.

Overseas Agents have not been slow to seek to profit from this new turn in the market but as always the key to success here is to work with the right people and to ensure that you are receiving the correct information. There are many sites now offering "distressed" and "discounted" prices but these should often be viewed with a huge pinch of salt!! Where Below Market Value (BMV) prices are quoted it is important to do your research as often these prices are unsubstantiated and thus are merely a guideline only.

Here at New Era we are doing the due diligence for our clients and are sorting the wheat from the chaff to offer luxury properties with GENUINE reductions of up to a massive 50%! We are sourcing properties from banks, solicitors and private vendors and are able to offer all the assistance you may need in securing a suitable property.

There is no doubt that these difficult economic times makes where to invest your money a much more complex question but there is no doubt that property has always been an investment which stands the test of time and the greatest long term returns will always be a question of location, location, location! Throughout the recession The Golden Mile has continued to attract the worlds elite and this will continue to be the case for the future - now is a golden opportunity to buy in at a low end price for high end results in the future.

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