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His name is Rio & he takes chances on the sand.

21 October 2008

Thanks to Sqaure Mile -

Ginetta Vedrickas joins Rio Ferdinand in Morocco where he’s invested his millions into a new beachfront resort.

Growing up in grimy Peckham, south London, England footballer Rio Ferdinand could never have imagined that one day he would own a property portfolio around the world let alone captain the England squad.

He may have missed out on the captaincy for the time being, but today Ferdinand’s homes include his main residence in Cheshire, a penthouse overlooking the Thames, homes in the Caribbean, Florida and more recently in Saidia, Morocco, where he’s recently invested more than £2m in a beach complex, where I joined him earlier this summer.

Missing 2008 European Championships was obviously a huge disappointment to Ferdinand and our football-obsessed nation. It gave Rooney time to enjoy his nuptials, an event reportedly not attended by Ferdinand, who instead chose to check up on his investments’ progress.